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The website provides a good general overview and offers information on the application process as well as on scholarships, accommodation and opportunities for learning Italian.


The tuition fees at the University of Turin depend on your financial situation. Every student pays a fixed yearly amount of 580 EUR. Then there is a second rate, varying between 0 and 2300 EUR per year, in proportion to your income. This means that studying in Turin is much more affordable than in many other European countries.


The EDISU agency offers shared student housing for which you have to apply taking into account the deadlines specified on their homepage. There is also an ample private market for student housing and the good news is that rooms are much more affordable than in other Italian cities.


Turin is a beautiful city. It has the architecture of a capital, the most elegant cafe culture, it is surrounded by the Alps, and unlike any other place in Italy it has a river that deserves the name, the Po. Turin is Italy’s fourth-largest city, with about 1 million inhabitants, of which about 100,000 are students at the University of Turin and the Politecnico  (the technical university). This means that you will always find a place to socialize with other students at affordable bar prices.

This is a promotional video of UniTO where Italian and foreign students tell about their experience in Turin.

For doing your groceries, fixing your bicycle or decorating your apartment, you will find everything at Porta Palazzo, one of the biggest open air markets in Europe. If you are into culture, there are numerous first-class museums in Turin, such as the Museo Egizio, the Museo di Arte Orientale, the Museo di Arte Contemporanea del Castello di Rivoli or the Museo Nazionale del Cinema. The spectacular residences of the House of Savoy,  whose members rose from local noblemen to the Kings of Italy, are part of the UNESCO world heritage. Most frequently visited are the the Veneria Reale and the Palazzo Reale/Musei Reali in the heart of the city center.

In the evening, you may enjoy the vibrant cultural life of the city. Opera at the Teatro Regio, classical concerts at the RAI Auditorium, theater performances at the Teatro Stabile. Most of these institutions offer very affordable student tickets. There are also lots of jazz, pop and indy music concerts in the city, and there is a lively subculture, too. Or you can just chill at the Murazzi until the real action begins, later in the evening.

If you get weary of the city, note that Turin has a unique location. It is close to the Alps, meaning that you can ski in winter and hike in summer. Wine enthusiasts may like to do an excursion to the famous wine regions of the Langhe and the Astigiano (Barolo, Barbaresco, etc.). Finally, note that the seaside is about two hours by train away.

Check out the website of the Turin tourism office for more information.

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