Curious what students say about their experience at PIC? Below you find some testimonials from past and present students.

Daniel Crowley (PIC student, aa 18-19)

Daniel Crowley (PIC 2018-2020)“I have been able to explore my interests and have found new ones both because of the course modules which deal with a broad range of topics within the analytic tradition and without, led by the capable, approachable and available faculty of UniTo and visiting professors from around the world, and because of the opportunity to attend wonderful talks and workshops hosted by initiatives and study centres here, and given by a worldly selection of philosophers and scholars in other fields. My MA experience has definitely played a huge part in me feeling ever more confident in reflection and discussion.”

Alina Mansukhlal (PIC student, aa 18-19)

019“Having the opportunity to study Philosophy in Turin has given me the chance to learn and experience this discipline in an integrative way.  The great variety of courses, workshops and talks provided by the University and related institutions are an encouragement to pursuit my interests and explore new subjects. Turin is an exceptional place and it offers a lot for those in search of inspiration. The beauty of the city joins its lively cultural and academic feeling creating a unique environment. Being a part of the PIC has been an enriching experience and is certainly playing an important role in my personal and academic growth.”

Elena Benzo (PIC Graduate, fall 2018)

Elena Benzo“PIC is both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity to study philosophy in English broadens the boundaries of this immense discipline and gets you in touch with the contemporary world in which philosophy is immersed. Having both Italian professors and visiting professors from abroad helps to create a global view of philosophy and to share different ideas and perspectives.”

Tim Riedel (Erasmus Student from Heidelberg, Germany)

Tim Riedel“I had a wonderful time in Turin! The city offers a lot of culture, a vibrant student life, and a highly liveable blend of Northern and Southern European vibe; and the Philosophy Department covers a great variety of topics and disciplines in a truly international atmosphere. I will certainly come back to visit!”

Martina Calderisi (PIC Graduate, spring 2020)

Many people asked me:  “Why are you studying philosophy in English?”. I used to answer with another question: “Why not?”. Indeed, the PIC has offered me the opportunity to improve my linguistic skills; to meet and exchange views with professors and colleagues coming from different backgrounds; to learn a lot about a wide variety of subjects in an inspiring research environment. It was definitely worth it!

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